Vision Pro

Video Management Software ( VMS )

Vision Pro is a professional failover video management software with intelligent video analysis, its open platform, ONVIF VMS


  • “N+M” failover structure video management software, flexible configuration

  • Smooth transition in a short time In case of Main server failure, power loss, network problem, etc.

  • Ensure live view and recording will no lose

  • Specially designed for large-scale, high security application

  • Vision Pro management software can manage up to 4000 cameras

  • Support 7 * 24 online storage for up to 128 routes video

  • Support up to 400 routes of video forwarding to client end

  • Master server and multiple sub-server structure make it easy to view any of the camera via any workstation through client software

  • User-friendly operation

  • Up to 36 cameras can be displayed in one screen

  • Support managing IP camera, Encoder, NVR, DVR in one system

  • Open Platform allows flexible system configuration and with interface for integrating third part camera like PELCO, BOSCH, AXIS etc. with interface for integrating alarm system and access control system etc


  • Vision Pro is a professional Video Management Platform which supports multiple level network construction and is easy to install ,configure and operate.

  • Vision Pro is made up of three parts including System accessing , Supporting platform and Application Platform .This kind of architecture can provide flexible and powerful capacity to handle huge video streams


  • Independent application from support platform


  • Separating the application from support platform can provide us clear system architecture and more convenience to develop various businesses. This feature makes VMS be suitable for the varied requirements of digital surveillance


  • Separated media stream and signaling stream, Vision Pro divides the support platform into two parts. One is central management another is media management. The media access units (PU) media transferring units , recording units and clients which can avoid the huge data to impact the central management and secure its reliability at the same time suitable distribution of media management will improve greatly the capacity of handling real time video for the whole surveillance system

Value added service functionalities:

Basic function can satisfy the common requirements of customers, but some special industry need more function such as extent view e-map and intelligent analyst

4 Screens browsing supported

Via one client end computer, user can manage up to 4 monitors at the same time

Each monitor can independently display the real time browsing interface, recording playback interface digital full view editing and configuration window


Digital Full Extent View (Digital full-view editing)

User can easily put 4 video images from different cameras into one full extent view which can provide a whole picture of the scene and make it easier to find out potential risk

In the meantime resolve the issue of unclear image caused by image to small

PTZ Control on Screen

Use mouse to circle certain area on the video image, the PTZ can adjust its gesture to turn to that area and auto focus as well

By tapping mouse picture on the screen lens turn automatically. At the same time, Lens can judge the position from the picture click the center distance .The farther the distance the faster the rotation. The closer distance, the slower the rotation

Multiple Level e-Map

Via multiple level e-map every camera can be accurately located and also the information of each camera can be retrieved

E-map integrated with the alarm equipment the security team can get the live situation and location of the alarm spot when there is an alarm triggered

Image Enhancement

During bad weather using mouse to circle certain area on the not so clear video image the image quality of this area can be enhanced getting clearer and less affected by the weather

Real time Playback

Under real time browsing mode the previous 10min can be instantly played back

When not recording setup and there is an emergency user can playback and then save the playback as evidence for future use

Recorded Video file snapshot Index

User can take snapshots on any recorded video file based on certain time interval and search for the images needed and repeat till find the exact moment the activity happened

Via this function less than 5min are needed to search in a 24 hours long video recording it saves time and effort for the operator

Playback time bar

AFMVision provides more convenient for the user to query read videos design a set of article based on the video playback Article by scaling time can clear reaction at a certain time range of video information

Drag the flexible and efficient way of video query combined with video query navigation to forward playback, backward playback single frame forward playback, and single frame backward playback. The fastest play speed up to 40x and lowest up to 1/10x

Recording Bookmark

Text bookmark can be added to certain time spot on the video when sharing the text bookmark can be seen

Bookmarks can be indexed and by searching via bookmark certain time spot can be immediately found in the recording

Joint alarm

Email joint alarm

Cell phone joint alarm

Block diagram

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