Technical Term

IEEE-802.3 specification for 10 or 100 MBit/s Ethernet.
Advanced Alarm Control: A flexible and sophisticated alarm management subsystem that allows rules to be created that define which input(s) activate one or more outputs. In its most basic form, a rule could define which input(s) should activate which output(s). In a more complex form, a rule can be programmed to take a specific keyboard command (pre-existing or not) and perform a dome function, or any combination of the above
Address Resolution Protocol: A protocol for mapping MAC and IP addresses.
Each unit has a numerical address in the control system in which it is located. This allows the appropriate unit to be operated.
Automatic Gain Control: The electronics that regulate the gain or amplification of the video signal.
The size of the opening in the iris, which controls the amount of light that reaches the CCD Sensor. The larger the F-Stop numbers, the less light reaches the sensor.
A technique of boosting the video signal level to produce a full amplitude video signal, even when the scene contrast is less than full range (glare, fog, mist, etc.). The darkest part of the signal is set to black and the lightest part to white, thus increasing the contrast.
Fully integrated, high speed, pan/tilt/zoom camera built into a protective dome housing allowing full and continuous 360° coverage of the scene.
The lens continuously adjusts to the correct focus automatically for the sharpest picture.
The lens iris opening is automatically adjusted to allow the correct illumination of the camera sensor.
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