ISS Manager is a device management software suite for small video surveillance solutions. It is easy to deploy and operate and suitable for scenarios with relatively small number of video channels, such as super markets, park areas

Intelligent Surveillance System.

Max 256 devices or 1024 channels connection.

Support multi-screen and 64*5 windows.

Max 16-channel synchronization playback.

Support snapshot, record, E-map, video wall and etc.

Support stream media server, each server max receives 16-channel video and transfers 32-chanel video.

Support record server, each server max supports to save 16-channel video.



ISS Pro is a system that no longer needs a security guard to physically watch every camera, monitor or sensor so you can catch improper behavior or initiate actions when an incident occurs, integrating all your security and business systems —Access Control

Control and view up to 16 channels simultaneously.

Support remote playback, snapshot and local recording.

Support two way audio, alarm notification, PTZ control, Alarm I/O control.

Support tow streams, main stream and sub stream.

Support digital zoom, auto rotate video and gesture control.

User password authentication.


ISS mobile 2.0 is the best app for remote surveillance, control and video recording. Monitor your home, office, parking area, traffic, business or anywhere you need security.

Quick access to live video from any camera or any channel. View up to 64 channels per screen Support multi-screen touring

Manage more than 1000+ devices in local or remote network.

Define any authorities for any users.

Support manual/scheduled/alarm record, Finding records by time/event.

Access control (alarm I/O) and rich alarm linkages


ISS is an intelligent Surveillance System that offers an easy-to-use, highly reliable and feature- rich software for security management and integration. ISS will enable you to quickly set up an effective video surveillance system

The device network SDK is developed based on private network communication protocol, and it is designed for the remote connection and configuration of embedded DVR, Encoder, IPC and the other IP devices. The functions supported by the SDK

Live view, playback, remote file download, PTZ control, arm/disarm, voice talk, log query, decoding card function, etc.

Remote upgrade, remotely reboot, remotely shutdown, remotely format hard disk, and device configuration (system configuration, channel configuration, serial port configuration, alarm configuration, users configuration), etc.

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