How do I set my DVR up on the Network?

You can do this by 1st connecting the DVR to the LAN via CAT-5 cable. 2nd, go in to Network Configuration on the DVR and set your IP address to match your local network. Example: IP Address: 192.168.x.x Subnet Mask: 255.255.255.x

How can I gain access to my device remotely?

To gain access to your device you can do this one of two ways.
1st way is through the web browser. Simply input the IP address of your device in the URL. (Note: You will need to download the Active-X to view your device.)
2nd, is to download the client software CCTVVISION on www.afmvision.com site under downloads.

How come I can see my device in IE but not in client software?

In most cases when using the client software if you receive an error message when trying to preview your device it is a configuration error. Go back through the steps and make sure that the IP address, user name, password, subnet mask, etc… are all correct and try again.

How come I can’t see my device in IE?

In most cases if you input the IP address in the URL and a log-in screen does not appear it could be the device is not configured correctly, no ethernet connection or active-x in IE was not downloaded, please remember that you may need to speak to your IT department for acceptance of your active-x as they may block these for security reasons.

I want to view my devices from my cell phone, how can I do this?

Currently, the phones that are supported are the Iphone, Android and the Windows mobile 5.0+. (Please note that we have not tested every phone available.) You can download the app from the app store for the Iphone. The app name is CCTVVISION for the English version. For the Blackberry and Windows mobile applications you will need to contact customer support for the app.

Does hard disk installation support hot-plug function, and does it requires jumper settings?

When installing hard disk, jumpers should be set and make one of the disks as the master disk and the other as standby. And it cannot be hot inserted or pulled. If you need to replace the disk, you should shut down the machine.

Black screen appears in monitoring picture, what's the reason?

Check whether the video signal of video server is normal or not.

What's the possible reason of mosaic in monitoring picture?

Please check the utilization ratio of system CPU. If the average value is more than 60%, then it indicates that too much thread are opened for the system, and the CPU is overload. Please check the network bandwidth.

Why does it fail to preview the picture?

A. CCD camera is not power on or there is something wrong with video wire (or not well connected, loosened or broken).
B. Setting error of IP address and related channel number, or wrong protocol selection (at present do not support MCAST), please check "local setting".
C. video server is shutdown or starting up, please use PING command of the operation system to check.
Note : A Chinese terminal can be connected to Console port of the equipment. After diagnosis mode of the system set, you can see various promoting message of system running.

How to Reset Password ?

Connect your PC and DVR directly or through a switch.
1. Download and Install the IVMS4000 Client Software. Please refer to the iVMS4000 manual for installation help and instruction.
2. Launch the iVMS4000 and click on the Setup tab. Right Click on Upper Area, designated by the globe icon, select Add Device.
3. On the modify device information window click on the Online Device.
4. This will open up a list of devices. You will see your DVR / Camera on the list.
5. Locate the Serial Number column. You may need to stretch the field to see all of the 24 to 30 characters.
6. Provide us with this number and we can generate a reset password code. Take a screen shot. Please include with this screen shot the date on the DVR or Camera.
7. Please email your screen shot and date to techsupport@afmvision.com
8. When you receive the password reset code,click on the device you wish to reset. The line will turn blue.
9. Input the code you received into the Restore DVR’s default field. Click OK.

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